JOIN ArtMNKY AFFLIATE PROGRAM! is looking for people just like you to help us get our high-quality art and design products to a wider audience through Instagram and other social media channels.

We’re looking for affiliate partners to help us gain internet exposure by promoting our store and products through their social media accounts. This program works extremely well for people who have a significant following on Instagram and/or have great engagement on their Instagram posts.

We’ll pay our affiliates a 20% commission for each sale that you send our way. And that 20% can really add up! We pay our affiliates every week through PayPal or directly to your bank account.

Some of our top affiliates generate up to $1,000 per week  (yes, you read that right!) and also receive amazing affiliate rewards.


Here’s How It Works

All you have to do is fill out the simple form HERE!

After you send in the form, you’ll receive an email with your own affiliate link to put on your Instagram bio or you can use al the images of to post on Instagram with your personal link under it!  Your link has a unique ID that tracks sales made through your link and records your 20% commissions.

Here’s how you earn a commission:

When someone goes to our website ( through your affiliate link and makes a purchase up to 30 days later, you automatically get 20% of that commission.

Every week, we’ll send you the money you’ve made through your commissions for that week. It’s that easy!

And, if you’re new to this affiliate thing, don’t worry!

We’ll provide all sales material and textyou need to market your link! All you have to do is choose what out of our selection of sales material works best for you!


Our commitment to our partners doesn’t stop there.

We value your feedback and want to build a long-term relationship all our affiliates. If you think something will work well with your marketing strategy, feel free to contact us with your suggestions, and we’ll work to make it happen.

From product selection to store design and site navigation, we encourage any feedback that helps YOU optimize your sales and make the buying experience better.


Thank you for considering partnering with! We hope to work with you soon!




Sign up HERE for ArtMNKY Affiliate program!


After you register our ArtMNKY affiliate program, be sure to use : link options / shorten link (bitty)  that link you can put in your Instagram Bio.

That simple. 

Lets start earn some money!